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Infrared thermal imaging cameras are the fast and easy way to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical concerns in buildings and homes. An infrared thermal imaging camera displays right where the issues are and helps shift the inspectors' focus which enables them to properly diagnose areas.

Thermacam cameras listed here are the most reliable in the industry for the non-invasive monitoring and diagnosis of conditions in home and business buildings. Through instant high-resolution thermal imagery, these Thermacam ingenious instruments can show potential structural and moisture issues, measure energy efficiency, and even discover rodent or pest problems. These infrared thermal imagaging cameras make finding areas of leakage, flooding, heat buildups, and moisture saturation quick and easy.

Perfect for a broad selection of thermography and imaging applications, infrared thermal imaging cameras by FLIR and TESTO are valuable tools for condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, airborne observation and broadcast, search and rescue, drug interdiction, surveillance and reconnaissance, navigation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring and land-based security.

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