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BioSIS Slit Impaction Air Sampler (Impactor Only)

SKU: 120146


The BioSIS was developed for the sampling and collection of air-borne contaminates for quantifiable analysis of pollen, mold spores, skin fragments, insects, combustion particles, toners, environmental dust, construction dust and other air-borne particulates.

Employing a slit impaction sampling technology, the BioSIS was created to answer the need for a low cost, reusable, high quality, bioaerosol sampler for aeroallergen studies.


Reusable two piece aluminum design offers greater durability and reduces sampling costs.

The laminar flow venturi produces a more defined impact zone.

Allows for quick and easy clean up between samples to prevent cross contamination in the field. uses conventional high volume vacuum pumps and standard 25mm x 75mm microscope slides.

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