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Gastec Detector Tube Pump Kit GV-100-S-TR

SKU: 600180



  • PN GV-100-S-TR: Gas Sampling Pump Complete --
  • Gastec Gas Sampling Pump with Thermal Ring
  • semi-rigid carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap
  • spare parts kit (1 lubricant and 3 rubber tube holders with filter)
  • multi-language instruction manual
  • Gastec Detector Tube Handbook
  • accessories brochure.


  1. Pump Tip Flange - Easy and secure tube insertion technique using a rubber flange that firmly holds all Gastec tube sizes for leak proof sampling.
  2. Integrated Tube Tip Breaker - The tube tip breaker comes equipped with a diamond blade and a storage receptacle to ensure easy and clean cutting with no hazardous glass fragments and convenient safe storage prior to final disposal.
  3. Firm-grip, Explosion-proof Casing - The ergonomically designed, slender, and tapered pump body—encased in a non-slip synthetic-rubber sheath—enables the pump to be held securely and comfortably even with wet gloves. The sturdy construction is not only rugged and corrosion-resistant, but will not give off any sparks if dropped.
  4. Alignment Markings - Clear alignment marking on the handle, shaft, and body facilitate effortless, accurate, and effective sampling.
  5. Fail-safe Piston Handle - The fail-safe, easy-to-pull handle locks into two positions (100 ml and 50 ml), denoted by clear alignment markings on shaft and body for accurate and complete sampling.
  6. Flow Finish Indicator - For added precision and operating convenience, a practical flow-finish indicator is mounted in the handle for easy viewing while sampling. A white disc located in a viewing lens automatically becomes visible to signal completion of a sampling stroke.
  7. Thermal Ring - This paper-thin innovation encircling the base of Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps is conveniently located for view but is out of the way. The thermal ring accurately displays ambient temperature, saves time, and reduces the risk of error by enabling users to correct for temperature variances on the spot.

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