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Casella Vortex3


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Casella Vortex3 High Flow Sampling Pump 


VORTEX3  Vortex3 Standard Sampling Pump  $895 


VORTEX3PRO  Vortex3 Pro Sampling Pump $995



Ideal for area sampling for airborne contaminants including Asbestos and other hazardous materials.

The Vortex3 is the latest generation of static, high flow rate sampling pumps, which can now be controlled

and monitored from your mobile phone or tablet.


Key Features

• High-Flow rate (5 - 12 L/min)

• Battery Life: 2.5 hours @ 12L/min with 25mm 0.8µm filter

• Charge Time: Typically <6 hours

• Impressive back pressure capability

• Full color OLED display

• Compatibility with the Airwave App for easy remote monitoring

• Inlet pressure monitored to establish filter loading

• Mains and battery powered

• Rugged IP65 design

• Case finish enables easy decontamination

• Flow accuracy better than +/-5% to comply with ISO 13137

• An interlocking mechanism enabling multiple pumps to be carried at once

• Weighs 4.78 lbs


Simple Operation

The Vortex3 has an easy to use four button operation with LED lights for clear visibility of the pumps status.

• Clear display showing battery life at any time

• Quick set up options for all stages of a run

• Time or volume sample runs achievable with Vortex3 Pro

• Multi lingual operation

• Lockable key pad providing security during surveys


Interlocking Design

The Vortex3 and Vortex3 Pro have a unique, patent-pending interlocking carrying mechanism, which means that several units

can be connected together making it easy to carry them to and from site.


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