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The Original Thomas Heavy-Duty Diaphragm Pump

SKU: 300205


The Original Thomas Diaphragm H/D Pump has been redesigned to offer up to 70% noise reduction

The Original Thomas Diaphragm H/D Pump is an ideal choice for area asbestos and lead air sampling. Diaphragm pumps use a positive displacement design to move air through the pump casing. This means that the pump will deliver a specific amount of flow per stroke, revolution or cycle. The electric motor drive shaft turns an offset connecting rod that is coupled to a flexible diaphragm. The connecting rod alternatively raises (expands) and lowers (contracts) the diaphragm at a rate of 23 cycles per minute (RPM). The faster the diaphragm cycles, the more capacity for moving air. The Original Thomas pump runs at 23 strokes per minute, versus the 18 strokes of competitor models.

A vacuum is created inside the pump casing each time the diaphragm is raised. This opens the inlet valve and seals the discharge valve allowing air to enter the pump. When the diaphragm is lowered the resulting pressure seals the inlet and opens the outlet valve purging the pump housing of air.

Another design benefit is that diaphragm pumps do not run the risk of being damaged if run for long periods of time. Since there is no impeller or volute the only wear parts are the flapper (inlet and outlet) valves along with the diaphragm.

  • 115 v; 60 Hz; 3.6 amps; 226 watts
  • 70 dB at 5 feet
  • Adjustable flow of 2LPM-30LPM

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