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Buck Libra Standard NiMH 120 volt charger

SKU: 100309


APB-603400 (does not have Trickle Charge feature)

The Standard Battery Charger for BUCK pumps, will supply enough power to operate the Libra Pump continuously while sampling. Simply plug the charger into the battery pack and 120 VAC outlet and turn the pump on to sample.

The Standard Charger is designed to charge the BUCK PUMP NiMH battery single pack in 16 hours. The connection is made through the same charge port on the rear bottom of the battery pack.

The RED LED light on the A/C charger will light. After 16 hours, the pump batteries will be fully recharged for portable operation.

The battery pack can be charged either on or off the pump.

Note: The Standard Charger is not recommended for the Triple Packs.

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