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Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II with NiMH batteries .5 - 3 LPM Starter Kit

SKU: 100401

Sold in U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada only.



Sold in U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada only.

The Sensidyne BDX-II lead and asbestos sampler combines ''no frills'' with low cost. Its rugged construction withstands toughest environments.

It meets NIOSH 7400 method for asbestos and 7082, 7105, and 7300 methods for lead.

This pump has been designed to out perform and outlast larger and more costly pumps!

The Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II Starter Kit includes:

  • Gilian BDX-II pump
  • Sensidyne single-pump charger
  • 3ft length of tubing
  • Collar clip
  • Flowrate adjuster

Standard Features:

  • Flow rate .5 - 3 LPM (500-3000cc/min)
  • Built-in rotameter
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Compact & lightweight (21oz.)
  • One-year warranty
  • Will operate 10hrs at 2.0lPM w/ inlet pressure of 20''
  • UL Approved for operation in hazardous areas

Includes a 1-year warranty.


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