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Casella Flow Detective Standard Kit



Casella Flow Detective Standard Kit in Hard Carry Case

Kit includes: Flow Detective, Kit Case, Charger, Calibration Adaptor

Key Features

  • High accuracy calibration
  • Pulsation detection
  • Simple operation
  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life

Dependable and Easy to Use

The Flow Detective has been designed to be rugged, with no moving parts so it can be used in the field. Performing calibrations is quick and easy, with a simple user interface and colour screen that can be easily viewed from a distance.

  • Colour display
  • Instant and average flow readings
  • Selectable measurement units
  • No warm up required
  • Saves time compared to traditional calibration methods

Wide Performance

With the longest battery life on the market, there is peace of mind that it is always ready to go. Within a few seconds of switching on the Flow Detective is ready to measure, ensuring you can calibrate devices quickly. With it’s wide flow range, as well as calibrating dust sampling heads, it can be used to calibrate at low flows for sorbent tube sampling, ensuring you just need one device for all personal air sampling calibration.

  • Calibration to within 2% accuracy
  • 70 hour battery life
  • Flow range from 20mL/min (Plus model) to 5,000mL/min
  • Displays standard or actual flow

Unique Pulsation Detection

As pumps generally use a moving diaphragm, this creates fluctuations in the flow rate on a pump. As sampling heads like cyclones rely on a steady flow to maintain a specific size cut, it is important for pulsation to be as small as possible. The Flow Detective displays a red indicator if pulsation is above 10%.

  • Displays when pulsation is above 10% 
  • Helps ensure size selection of sampling heads are accurate


*This is a special-order item.

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