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Sensidyne Gilibrator 2® Standard-Flow Wet Cell Kit, 20cc-6LPM

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Sensidyne Gilibrator 2® Standard-Flow Wet Cell Kit, 120V, 20cc-6LPM

The Gilibrator 2 Standard-Flow Wet Cell Kit includes: Control base, standard flow cell, DC charger/AC power supply, tubing, and soap solution with dispenser, in hard shell carry case.

The new Gilibrator System from Gilian is an easy to use Primary Standard for the calibration of Air Sampling equipment. This unique system features 3 interchangeable flow cells that incorporate twist on/off mounting and a micro-processor control unit.

Individual flow cells provide consistent pulsation free bubbles and the built in infrared sensors activate instantaneously to indicate the flow readouts on the Control Units LCD display. The 3 Flow Cell ranges are: High (2-30 LPM) Standard (20cc-6 LPM) and Low (2-250 cc/min.).

The control unit also offers useful microprocessor functions that include Auto-Averaging of multiple flow readings and a Flow Delete function that will subtract false readings from the average and reset back to the previous value.

The new Gilibrator system is the only airflow calibrator with interchangeable flow cells. This unique Gilian design allows you to choose from three individual flow ranges.

  • High (2-30 LPM)
  • Standard (20cc-6 LPM)
  • Low (1-250 cc/min)

The Gilibrator electronics are programmed to calculate the air flow rate, average flow rate, and the test number of each sequence automatically. A manual Delete function will subtract erroneous readings from the average.

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