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Water Vapor

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Water Vapor RAE Colorimetric Tube Options:

  • Water Vapor 2-10 lbs/MMCF (0.03-0.16 mg/L), extended range of 1-20 lbs/MMCF, 10 per box
  • Water Vapor 6-40 lbs/MMCF (0.1-0.64 mg/L), extended range of 3-80 lbs/MMCF, 10 per box
  • Water Vapor 0.05-1 mg/L, extended range of 0.025-2 mg/L, 10 per box
  • Water Vapor 1-18 mg/L, extended range of 0.5-32 mg/L, 10 per box

The single-use colorimetric gas detection tubes change color in direct correlation to the concentration of gas present.

This is a special order item.

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