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Wonder Makers Small Wonder Vaporizer Kit

SKU: 800106


Small Wonder Analysis Kit

Everything needed to clear slides for PCM analysis


Small Wonder Acetone Vaporizer with built-in heat control, temperature gauge, and cool cover; 2 oz.. acetone, 1/2 oz. triacetin, 1/2 gross microscope slides, cover slips, tweezers, microdropper, syringe, #10 round blade scalpel, pre-cut foam padding, durable plastic carrying case with handle

  • Heat control and thermometer built into vaporizer unit
  • Padded carrying case protects equipment and supplies
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Enough supplies for the analysis of 1/2 gross of slides
  • Lightweight but solidly built

Designed in strict compliance with the NIOSH 7400, 7402, or ORM requirements for preparation of microscope slides for PCM analysis

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