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Cargille liquid, Series E; 1.550, 4 oz.

SKU: 700121


Cargille Series E 1.550 4 oz

Please note : Special Instructions for Series E  nD=1.550

Series E 1.550 can spontaneously polymerize causing the liquid to look cloudy and eventually this will cause the liquid to begin gelling.

This process is irreversible but it can be prevented/slowed by storing the liquid at temperatures below 40°F, 5°C. At temperatures below 40°F the liquid may freeze therefore it must be allowed to thaw at room temperature before use. DO NOT thaw by placing in an oven. If the liquid turns cloudy, DO NOT shake, eventually most of the cloudiness will sink to bottom of bottle. The polymerization does not seem to effect the characteristics of the liquid so it is still usable. 

Because it is a natural occurrence, the gelling is not considered a defect and NO returns or exchanges will be granted.

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