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Our asbestos, lead, and mold- indoor air quality cassettes are manufactured in the USA by Environmental Monitoring Systems.  We provide the most reliable air sampling cassettes on the market, proven to provide superior results.

Our mold - indoor air quality cassettes and prepared slide products include: Allergenco-D, Allergenco-D Posi-Track, Micro5 MicroCell, Micro5 Posi-Track, Cyclex-D, prepared slides for the BioSis and prepared slides for the Allergenco MK-III.  These products are created for the rapid collection and analysis of a wide-range of aeroallergens and bioaerosols. Please browse our selection of air sampling cassettes to find the air monitoring cassette that is right for you.

Our PCM, TEM and Lead cassettes are checked and double checked by our quality assurance team to ensure that you always get the most accurate results possible when testing for asbestos and lead.

Our sampling cassettes are:

  • Made in the USA 
  • Assembled under HEPA hoods 
  • High quality filters, confirmed by certified laboratory analysis 
  • Tubing can be attached directly to cassette NO luer adapter required! 
  • Quality control ensures leak free operation and more consistent results

Environmental Monitoring Systems also offers a great selection of IAQ sampling supplies including stands, gloves, tubing, templates, swabs, tape lifts and many more items for all of your sampling needs.  We also carry lead wipes, lead check swabs, transport tubes and many specialty cassettes and filters for your lead and asbestos sampling needs.

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