Mold-IAQ Sampling Equipment

ems manufacturers the most reliable air sampling cassettes on the market, proven to provide superior results.  These products are created for the rapid collection and analysis of a wide-range of aeroallergens and bioaerosols. 

Our indoor air quality cassettes and prepared slide products include: Allergenco-D, Allergenco-D Posi-Track, Micro5 MicroCell, Micro5 Posi-Track, Cyclex-D, prepared slides for the BioSis and prepared slides for the Allergenco MK-III.

Our cassettes are:

  • Made in the USA 
  • Assembled under HEPA hoods 
  • Laminar Flow Venturi allows for the most uniform slit deposit in the industry 
  • Patented Design 
  • Higher Collection Efficiency Than Other IAQ Slit Impactor Cassettes
  • Barcoded for Easy Tracking 
  • Inner Wall Sampling Attachments Available 
  • No Luer Adapters Necessary tubing fits directly onto cassette 
  • Compatible with all portable IAQ pumps designed to fit competitors cassettes

We also carry a great selection of sampling supplies including impactors, swabs, tape lifts, stands, gloves, and protective wear for all of your IAQ sampling needs.

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