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Allergenco-D Posi-Track Full Slide 24-Pack

SKU: 120520


The most uniform slit sample trace in the industry

The Allergenco-D Posi-Track Full Slide, Indoor Air Quality Impactor Cassette collects mold spores, pollen, skin cells, dust, combustion particles, etc. on a standard 1”X 3” microscope slide printed with a unique barcoded serial number (POSI-TRACK). The unique barcode is printed on the completed sample slide, which insures reliable tracking throughout the sample collection, laboratory analysis and reporting process. The rear label has an expanded area for recording sample notes and field information.

Laboratory Benefits

  • Save Time and Laboratory Resources
  • Ease & Speed of Laboratory Preparation and Reading – The AllergencoD Posi-Track minimizes handling and mounting of sample traces for microscopic particle counting
  • Tracking – Posi-Track Barcoded Serial Numbers allow for automated input of sample numbers into laboratory software (LIMS) and chain-of custody forms
  • Uniform Trace – Deposition of particles/spores onto the adhesive is very uniform due to the design of the Laminar Flow Venturi within the spore trap

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Collection Efficiency - Aerodynamic Diameter Cutoff = D50 = ~1.7um
  • Patented Laminar Flow Venturi Design - provides higher readable collection efficiency as well as a more well defined impaction trace
  • The Allergenco-D Posi-Track has been designed to be compatible with traditional vacuum pumps as well as most portable units. The universal fittings allow the connection to a vacuum source with either a ½” to ¼” converter or directly to a ¼” I.D. tubing.
  • Field Notes – Generous area on the cassette label for sample location, dates and time
  • Barcoded serial number – POSI-TRACK serial number on the slide follows the sample from field sampling, through laboratory analysis and sample archive
  • Stackable Cassettes – Designed to stack for easy storage and use
  • Convenient Packaging – Includes 24 Allergenco-D Posi-Track cassettes

All Allergenco-D IAQ cassettes are manufactured in the USA by Environmental Monitoring Systems. Our IAQ cassettes are checked and double checked by our quality assurance team to ensure that you always get the most accurate possible IAQ results possible.

Peer reviewed study confirms Allergenco-D’s design provides superior results! The Allergenco-D’s design goes head-to-head with the Air-O-Cell and comes out on top.

Check out our Downloads section for a full copy of the study

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