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Invisi-Wipe (1000/pk)

SKU: 800605


The ems Invisi-Wipes are compliant with the ASTM E1792 Standard specification for wipe sampling material for lead in surface dust.

They were tested in the following 8 categories:

1) Background Lead Levels less than 1.0 ug/wipe
2) Wipe Lead Recoveries from wipes spiked with three levels of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
3) Wipe Collection Efficiencies of CRMs from a vinyl composite floor
4) Wipe Ruggedness from a vinyl composite floor surface
5) Wipe Moisture content
6) Wipe Dry Mass
7) Wipe Dimensions
8) Wipe Thickness

Invisi-Wipe features:
- Meets ASTM standards
- Surface lead and surface dust
- Robust wiping material
- Complete digestion and no mess
- Lab friendly
- Easy Open Packaging

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*55 page study available upon request.

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