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North by Honeywell 7600 Series Full Face Respirator - Medium/Large

SKU: 110131


7600 Series Full Mask (Filters Sold Separately)

The North 7600 Series full facepiece respirators are designed to provide eye, face and respiratory protection while providing optimum comfort.

While affording an over 200° field of vision, the hard coated polycarbonate lens protects the wearer’s eyes and face against irritating gases, vapors and flying particles. The polycarbonate lens also features optical properties similar to the Norton180® Protective Spectacle to minimize distortion and astigmatism.


  • Flexible for multiple work environments
  • No need to inventory, train workers and fit test them on several respirators
  • Can be used as a standard respirator or for welding applications
  • Flexibility to meet the various needs of the workplace Speech diaphragm is standard
  • Amplifies workers’ conversations
  • Critical when directions, warnings and other communication must be heard by others Dual flange sealing area
  • Wider sealing area with added flexibility for difficult to fit faces
  • Fewer sizes needed to fit a broader spectrum of facial types Five strap head harness
  • Center strap helps to position and hold the mask
  • More secure fit even during strenuous jobs requiring lots of movement Nose cup is standard
  • Less dead air space • Increased worker comfort and productivity
  • Channels exhaled breath
  • Lens does not fog up Chin cup
  • Positions the facepiece correctly
  • More secure fit Latex free
  • No latex allergens
  • You and your workers can breathe easy Lens offers 200° field of vision,
  • Wider viewing area in all directions
  • Anti-claustrophobic plus downward view
  • Facilitates going up and down ladders Polycarbonate lens meets ANSI
  • No need for additional safety eyewear
  • Your workers’ eyesight is protected high impact requirements
  • You stay in compliance

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