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Tyvek Coverall Zipper Front, Hood, Boots,Elastic Wrist & Ankles (XL)

SKU: 110515-XL



Tyvek® offers a one-of-a-kind, inherent barrier that won’t rip, abrade or puncture as easily as the barrier in laminates. Specially created by DuPont® scientists and backed by DuPont® technology, Tyvek® holds out 97% of asbestos, 99% of bacteria and 98% of ambient particles.

Particles less than 5 microns in size are no match for Tyvek®. Tyvek® garments provide protection from nuisance dry particulates, such as dirt and dust, to hazardous particles and fibers, such as lead paint and asbestos.

25 suits per case

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