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Buck BioAire/Allergenco-D Bundle Pack

SKU: 120164-AD


Save money when you buy the Buck BioAire/Allergenco-D Bundle Pack!


  • Buck BioAire Pump Kit (SKU: 120164)
  • Two - 50 Packs of Allergenco-D Cassettes (SKU: 120515)

About Buck BioAire:

  • Small Lightweight and compact
  • Battery powered and rechargeable
  • Convenient timer for 1, 2, 5, 10 minute samples and Continuous Mode
  • End-of-cycle audible & visual
  • Easy keypad calibration without tools
  • 1-year warranty
  • Accepts Allergenco-D and Air-O-Cell cassettes


  • Flowrate: 5-20 LPM constant flow
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of set point
  • Size: 4'' H x 6'' W x 5.25'' D (10.2cm H x 15.2cm W x 13.3cm D)
  • Weight: 22oz. (624 g) BUCK BioAire™ Pump Model B520, complete with standard 120 VAC smart adapter/charger, instruction manual, and APB-706100 Calibration Rotameter Assy

About Allergenco-D:

The Allergenco-D sampling cassette was developed for the sampling and collection of aeroallergens and bioaerosols for quantitative analysis of mold spores, pollen, skin fragments, insects, combustion particles, toners, environmental dusts, construction dusts and other airborne particulates. The Allergenco-D employs a patented laminar flow venturi which provides higher readable collection efficiency as well as a more well defined impaction trace, helping to reduce analysis time. Peer reviewed study confirms Allergenco-D’s design provides superior results! The Allergenco-D’s design goes head-to-head with the Air-O-Cell and comes out on top.

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